Airco Tree

Installation for the British Airways executive lounge

Give shape and meaning to the air conditioning vent of the first class executive lounge of British Airways at Heathrow airport.

The tube in place had the proportions of a tree trunk, except for the height which we extended from two to six meters. We found the metaphor of a tree very suitable and attractive. As if it were a meeting place on the central square of a village, with a large tree in the middle. The airco provides fresh air to space just like trees provide us with oxygen.

We used a graphic representations of branches, and gave them a extrusion sweep in the computer in order to transform the object into a monumental and dynamic sculpture. The airconditioning which is usually hidden away becomes the absolute centerpiece of the space.

Elle Deco March 2004 …’ in the First Class lounge champagne bar, Tjep. has turned a lowering air-conditioning vent into a sculptural, abstract fibreglass tree with gold leaf edging. Conjuring up images of a tree at the heart of an Italian-style piazza…’

Winner of the Dutch Design Awards in 2004, category interior design.

Droog Design & Artwise Curators 

Janneke Hooymans and Frank Tjepkema

 © 2004