Living in an increasingly prefab world, the question we asked ourselves was: is it possible to detail an entire house as if it were jewellry? And can we achieve this using modern automated fabrication techniques?

In order not to fall back onto traditional decorative patterns we devised an archetypal house in four cut-through layers of different textures from graffiti to wall paper, including bricks, tubing, carpets etc…
We used the iconography of all these elements to build up a new layered house (scale 1:25) out of two materials: glass and metal, the metal structure being laser-cut. To add some drama we included personally designed elements such as a hart shape door, but also included graffiti found on the internet, such as the beautiful ‘Love and honesty in our struggle’ tag by the Bolevian group Mujeres Creando.


Tjep.: Janneke Hooymans, Frank Tjepkema

Created in the context of the exhibition: Nu Binnen at the Dutch Instituut for Architecture (NAI).

 © 2006