Sitting and information area

Utrecht Central Station is a building site: a brand new station is constructed. To inform travelers about the building activities and to provide a seating area, a project called I-Bouw was developed.

I-Bouw is a portable information site. It s a temporary setting at the heart of the station. In order to create tranquility amidst the bustle we invented a ‘building site living room’. It has sofas, a grandfather clock, a staircase, a closet and some armchairs.

Everything is constructed in plywood, with a few bright, colourful accents. The shapes are robust and straightforward.

An informative film is played, on the table tops the future plans are printed, on the side boards of the clocks and the sofas additional information is printed. Here you can sit, have a coffee, read your newspaper while you are waiting.



Janneke Hooymans & Gumtree Creatieve Communicatie


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