Good food is great fun!

Pluk is a new take-away formula which offers: fresh juices, yogurt shakes and special salads that customers can compose by themselves: the so called tossed salads.

The essence of the formula is to enjoy good food. The emphasis on health is implicit. Pluk says: if you are consuming the healthy things 99% of the times, you can indulge yourselves with 1% of wiped cream. Pluk offers the 99% and the 1% next to each other, on top of each other or mixed with each other.

The interior tries to reflect this juxtaposition of healthy and fun. For some reason healthy wants to look boring but we just said no! The counters contain fruits and vegetables in three color groups. They are actually fake, but because of the way we integrated a special gradient effect the whole counter becomes simply delicious, by the way it took us months to develop the exact right color, gradient and fruit/vegetable combination to get this result: people who enter Pluk are overwhelmed and just cant resist ordering one of the wonderful specialities specially prepared by Aida and Zeger.

Tjep. was responsible for the identity, naming and interior design of Pluk.


Project team: Janneke Hooymans, Frank Tjepkema, Tina Stieger, Leonie Janssen, Marloes Pronk, Bertrand Gravier, Camille Cortet

Aida en Zeger
80 m2


 © 2008