Pro Rail 175 jaar Spoor

On September 20, 1839 the first train from Amsterdam drove to Haarlem.
To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Dutch railway Jan Willem and I designed the Rail experience for Pro Rail.

In two pieces of rails, magnified 300 times, we show bits of the development of the Dutch railway network, its complexity and the fascinating beauty of the train.
In a short film you see the highlights of the rail network passing by. Passing model railroad trains from three different eras show the changes clearly.
Always wanted to turn the switches? Another exhibit shows an abstraction of the shunting yard around Utrecht Central station. You turn the switches to let arrive 3 trains on the right platform.
In addition, you can play the Drasine game : choose an era, select a track and try to set a fast time by moving the lever up and down. Just like in the old days.

On show at the ‘SpoorParade’ in Amersfoort during the autumn holidays.



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Pro Rail
Mike Bink


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