What does one do when designing the Radio 1 studio’s? One thing is sure, one should use the 1 more than once, making 1 one’s own, memorable sign! Radio 1’s lounge is a big radio around a big 1, for gatherings in stereo.

Elsewhere, one can sit on 1 benches…at a time. In Radio 1’s studio there are also big 1’s that functions as lamp and radio 1. And one more thing: antenna’s that function as hatstands. Finally, because of the diversity of programs that are made, the atmosphere had to be suitable for news, sports programs, a diversity of interviews all the way to for example late night talk-shows. We chose not to choose for one style by combining a lot of different style elements in the relatively small space of the Radio 1 studio’s!


Radio 1
300 m2
Brandwacht en Meijer 

 © 2005