The Chair of Textures

Smart Deco

Tjep.’s contribution to the project Smart Deco, started with an architectural experiment realized for the Dutch Architectural Institute in 2005 called House of Textures. Living in an increasingly prefab world, the question we asked ourselves was: is it possible to detail an entire house as if it were jewelry?

And can we achieve this using modern automated fabrication techniques? In order not to fall back on to traditional decorative patterns we devised an archetypal house in four cut-through layers of different textures from graffiti to wall paper, including bricks, tubing, carpets etc… We used the iconography of all these elements to build up a new layered house (scale 1:25) out of two materials: glass and metal, the metal structure being laser-cut. To add some drama we included personally designed elements such as a hart shape door, but also included graffiti found on the internet, such as the beautiful ‘Love and honesty in our struggle’ tag by the Bolevian group Mujeres Creando.

We were very pleased with the result as the outcome was so radically different from what seems to have been overwhelmingly ‘bon ton’ in the architectural world for decades and decades: a modernist approach to design in which a sense of detail, crafts, symbolic quality has made place for unappealing, deprived of meaning, depressive functionalism in which the only real dominant factor is economy and regulations. This esthetic has turned our urban world into one big homogeneous suburb, on a global level.

The goal set to us by Droog and Barry Friedman Ltd. for the exhibition Smart Deco was to make a first step into going from an experimental concept to a real life product by creating the Chair of Textures, a chair build up in the same way as the House of Textures. The layers of bricks, wallpaper and roof-tiles made place for upholstery, springs, feathers, wood but also woodworms a lost key etc… Once again to add some drama we added personally designed elements like a burning leg, and butterflies.

Tjep. : Janneke Hooymans, Frank Tjepkema

Droog Design

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